Computational Mechanics Associates

Computational Mechanics Associates offers short courses dealing with explosive technology, ballistics, explosive initiation and initiators, shock waves and detonation, interior ballistics, penetration,projectile flight, exterior ballistics, penetration and perforation, terminal ballistics, impact hazards mitigation. The courses are taught by leading authorities in their fields and authors of definitive texts.

Final Sale

The last 20 copies of
Fundamentals of Shaped Charges,
the classic text in this area of terminal ballistics, are available for purchase. Once these copies are sold, the book will be out of print. The cost of 1 - 5 copies is $375 each, plus shipping. Those who purchase 6 or more copies will receive a volume discount, each book costing $295 plus shipping. This offer is good until our supply is exhausted. We accept VISA and MasterCard.

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